29 October 2009

Work and travel: living and traveling abroad - a collection of links

Travelling and working: lifestyle, as a way of life:

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Travel advice: - search for advice on your location: - community generated so not as biased toward commercial interests.

Wikitravel:  http://wikitravel.org/en/Main_Page

Thorntree on Lonely Planet: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree

Taiwan ('Ilha Formosa'): a collection of useful travel info

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A collection of travel links for Taiwan.

Before you go -o- 'be-ing there' -o- traveling around: 
A full introduction and practical overview of Taiwan: Travel, Food, Accommodation, Money, Work, Tourist sites for Taiwan.....
By Wikitravel: it is community generated and thus avoids commercial bias towards certain hotels, resorts, tour companies etc... . 
Great introduction to Taipei (the capital) http://wikitravel.org/en/Taipei

The other great introduction and jumping off point for further info on Taiwan.Lonely Planet on Taiwan:(but more commercially oriented)
And info on the capital: Taipei http://www.lonelyplanet.com/taiwan/taipei

One of the best sites to search for specific info is the good old Lonely Planet Thorntree. Just search for what you are looking for, read the stuff others have asked and answered and if you want ask your own questions:

Heiko's tips on meeting local traveler-friendly people here:  

Traveler-friendly Taiwanese and expats (the CouchSurf Taipei Group): 
Read a few of the messages and see what you think.

Getting there and away again: 
Do I need to get a visa ?

Flying there and away

AirAsisa is a cheap airline. Prices vary a lot depending on the dates you want to go. I've flown Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for AUD $300 return (all taxes included), other times I've paid AUD $750 for the same trip. All their flights from Australia go to KL first.
I paid AUD$170 KL to Taipei December 2009
There are lots of good deals by other airlines. It changes fast.

Flying to Macau with AirMacau (I hour ferry ride to Hong Kong ~133 HK dollars)

Taiwan airports: there are two, and there are no direct flights to China for political reasons, more details here:

Taiwanese Airlines:
Insurance: personally I found the cheapest travel insurance you can get in Australia is: AAMI
You DO have be an Australian resident over 18 and under 65 though.
I think they cover the big stuff.
Of course if you want all the bells and whistles and to be covered for every conceivable minor detail then you'll have to pay almost twice that at the local travel agent. Travel agents are great at scaring the s*** out of you to get the highest premium insurance for you, and the highest commissions for themselves. 
And in case you are wondering: no, I don't get click-through ratings, or adverstising bonus or anything by recommending AAMI. A few years ago HSBC bank had the cheapest Aussie travel insurance but they got more expensive and went for higher premiums (for themselves) and are now just so so.... .


....more info as I find out more.
the backpacker low cost accommodation scene changes but the "usual suspects" are:
In Taipei the Hostel prices seem to range from AUD $30 / night for a single room with ensuite, to AUD $20 or less for shared accommodation. Cheaper for couples. (Nov09)

A range of places to stay in Taipei is described at Wikitravel:
Budget (US$10 ) to five star options are listed by location and district.

And of course if you want to stay with local people, surfing their couch, or staying on their floor check out:
My profile on CouchSurfing is at: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/cinnamon/

- the above are all links to other sites, which I've found useful.
If you think anything should be added/changed, let me know, just leave a comment below or email  heikorudolph  @  yahoo.com  (without the spaces).

NB: most links are shown fully expanded, so that the page is easy to copy and use.  Use commonsense, no warranty of any kind for any of this info, it is simply one person's offering for others.

Useful Taiwan Links in any order - 

Youth pass travel in Taiwan: from Lonely planet's ThornTree. 
come the following links:



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