01 June 2011

language of the country - what to learn


Uncle haiko's method of learning a new language:

Before you go:

  • learn the numbers,
  • hello,
  • goodbye,
  • thank you,
  • how much is.... ,
  • please,
  • where is the toilet,
  • Where is....
  • How to say this in <insert language of country> ?

In the new country:

1) spend 3 days: make a list of all the things you would like to say but can't

things I found I had to learn:

  • "the bill please"
  • "the menu please"
  • "No ice. no sugar.... "
2) ask/pay a native speaker to teach you.
3) carry summary in pocket, - one A4 sheet of paper.

have fun. Enjoy, laugh, practice, ask for help...

The principle is: you only remember and learn what you need and use.

Lonely planet phrasebook, or any small phrasebook is useful.

I don't go for formal courses or lots of phrases.

Aswan, Egypt, Tombs of the Nobles