14 June 2013

light weight travel computer - lightest so far

 I figured out the most light weight travel computer laptop system: Samsung Tab2, with Bluetooth keyboard, handles files, internet, messengers, everything...
good bye to the 3kg laptop/ adaptor system...
Mr T2F:  I may have to invest in one then

Haiko:  this keyboard here is actually an Apple keyboard, notice the 4th key from bottom left

Mr T2F:  Yes I noticed that

Mr T2F:  I have the same keyboard

Haiko:  any decent Tablet or phone can do this, as long as they have Bluetooth  -- the cheaper phones like Samsung DUOS don't allow keyboard entry, but if your tablet or phone can edit text files such as *.doc then my guess is 99% chance you can use Bluetooth keyboard to do text entry to emails, sms, chat etc...

Mr T2F:  I see now, thats why you have been writing long paragraphs, ur enjoying ur new toy and putting it to full use

Haiko:  yes
Haiko:  I like a full keyboard, to do real replies

Mr T2F:  Very good man, you can use now display your writing skills now

Haiko: if you access Google Drive or Dropbox or some cloud storage then even more 'with it' . 

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